'Hot Pursuit' Trailer #2 Has Witherspoon & Vergara in Disguise

'Hot Pursuit' Trailer #2 Has Witherspoon & Vergara in Disguise
Hot Pursuit may be corning the market on fun mindless comedies this summer, and judging from the two new trailers released today, it will be a surprise hit. Especially considering both of its main stars, Sof&#237a Vergara and Reese Witherspoon are so beloved. Here, they seem to have that perfect kind of chemistry that makes a movie like this something really special.

This latest trailer, which comes in both a domestic and U.K. version, proves that Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon isn't the only woman with a mean Justin Bieber impression. Reese Witherspoon, who goes back to her Southern roots playing an extremely petite and air-headed Texas cop, must go undercover as the teen pop idol. But that's not the only disguise her and co-star Sof&#237a Vergara have to take on to evade both a corrupt police force and the cartel. The pair find themselves posing
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