New formula to measure global impact of Oz films

Judging Australian films. success or failure by their local B.O. results is unfair and misleading, according to several academics who have devised a new formula for measuring the global impact of individual titles.

Dubbed film impact rating (Fir), the metric assesses films on 14 criteria including the location, volume and saturation of film screenings including film festivals; critic and user ratings, award nominations and wins; and Australian and international B.O. returns and production budget as a percentage of worldwide B.O.

The study.s authors Deb Verhoeven, Alwyn Davidson and Bronwyn Coate tracked 134 Australian films, including co-productions, that screened between December 1 2012 and June 1 2014.

By that yardstick, Saving My Banks had the greatest impact worldwide, narrowly ahead of The Great Gatsby, despite the gap in their total B.O. earnings: $US112.5 million for the Disney film co-produced by Essential Media and Entertainment.s Ian Collie, versus $351 million for Baz.s extravaganza.
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