Chilean Project ‘Leftraro’ Moving Forward with ‘300’ Writer

Radar Pictures has closed a deal for “300” writer Michael B. Gordon to script “Leftraro,” based on the 1553 battle in which Chilean natives defeated the Spanish conquistadors.

Based on a story by Eduardo Novion, the titlular Leftraro was the leader of the Mapuche people. He was kidnapped and forced into slavery as a child and learned the ways of the Spanish from the inside before escaping with their secrets of modernized warfare.

Leftraro then united the warring tribes of the region and led them to a victory at the battle of Tucapel. The Mapuche people have retained their independence since then.

Producers Mike Weber, Thomas E. Van Dell and their partners Sobe Brooke Studios met with Mapuche leaders late last year about the project.

“Chile has a diversity of landscape and modern infrastructure that is perfectly suited for a large scale Hollywood production,” Weber said at a news conference. “It is
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