Seventh Sword: Avenging The Throne DVD Review

Director: Raymond Mizzi

Cast: Andrei Claude, Joseph Calleja

Certificate: 18

Running Time: 90 Minutes

You won’t have heard of this film before – so under the radar is Seventh Sword that it doesn’t even exist on IMDb. Well it does, but under a different name – Adormidera; normally film name changes are acknowledged on the site, but not this one.

I understand that Seventh Sword is a Maltese film, but the production values are shockingly bad. The whole point of a film is that it looks like a film, the sets, costume and make-up should draw you into the world it constructs. However, the team behind Seventh Sword appear to have forgotten this, leaving the viewer very conscious that they are just watching a film. It’s almost like watching a recording of a cheap stage-play; it even comes complete with (what looks like) hired medieval costumes and red face paint smeared
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