Review: 'Americons' Takes On American Greed And The Sub-Prime Mortgage Boom

A morality tale/satire about American greed, “Americons” is a low-budget feature written and funded entirely by its two stars, Beau Martin Williams and Matt Funke. The duo, who poured some of their personal experiences working in the real estate market into the screenplay, obviously set out to create a cautionary story revolving around the many shady, immoral, and nihilistic behaviors that plagued the rise and eventual crash of the sub-prime mortgage boom that almost single-handedly created the economic collapse in 2008. Their hearts are in the right place, but unfortunately while that gives them an “A” for effort, they get an “F” for execution. Even though we’re fairly early into the year, I can say with enough confidence that "Americons" will go down as one of the dullest, flattest, most on the nose, and didactic indies of 2015. It’s as if Williams and Funke, along with director Theo Avgerinos,
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