Ron Jeremy’S Salute To Beach Movies

Wait! Not That Kind Of Salute!!!

Ron Jeremy Continues To Go Mainstream In New Movie .Beaches, Buns And Bikinis..

Ron Jeremy, infamously known for unlimbering his timber in over 1,700 adult movies, keeps his money maker dry docked in the new release, .Beaches, Buns and Bikinis.. This festive, quirky, risqué and fun film is an environmental comedy that is an offbeat salute to the beach movies of the 1960.s.

This epic tale about love, hot dogs, sand, and a little magic is set in an industrial seaside town. Surfside music and carefree dancing emanate as Crab Shack Sammie (Ron Jeremy), a wise mystical beach sage and owner of the coolest hotdog stand on the sand begins his day. However, when the music stops and chaos begins, he knows what it will take to get magic back on the beach.

Opening a treasure from the past, he asks one of his employees
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