Interview: Tirf Alexius, Remoh Romeo Go Home in ‘Lakay’

Chicago – In America, we all came from somewhere, and there is always that other “home.” Brothers/filmmakers Tirf Alexius and Remoh Romeo – twenty-plus years removed from their native Haiti after moving to Chicago – go back to their homeland after the 2010 earthquake, and captured that journey in the new film, “Lakay.”

Lakay” means “home” in the Haitian language of kreyól – the film is being presented in English and kreyól – and the brothers travel to search for relatives in the aftermath of the earthquake. What they found besides that family is a sense of identity, a fuller appreciation for the country and culture they left as children. Everything they expected to explore became something else, while the devastated island country of Haiti struggled to regain a foothold after the destruction.

Remoh Romeo and Tirf Alexius Explore Their Haitian Childhood Home in ‘Lakay

Photo credit: 4 Features Film Co.

Remoh Romeo is the older of the two brothers,
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