Marvel Studios, and the marketing model template

The bit of Marvel Studios that everyone's really trying to copy? The seemingly unstoppable marketing machine...

The sizeable box office success of Marvel and director James Gunn’s Guardians Of The Galaxy continued a winning streak for the studio that goes back to film number one, when it put its own money behind Iron Man. It’s an extraordinary success story, where time after time a nine figure gamble is made, and the jackpot is hit. Nobody is expecting that not to happen again with next year’s Avengers sequel, that Joss Whedon recently wrapped production on.

It’s little secret that pretty much every major studio is now building a cinematic universe off the back of the Marvel model. Disney has another, with Star Wars, whilst Fox is playing with X-Men and Fantastic Four. Sony is juggling Spider-Man. Universal has put a classic monsters universe into motion. Warner Bros
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