‘Mercenaries’ VOD Review

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Stars: Zoe Bell, Vivica A. Fox, Kristanna Loken, Brigitte Nielsen, Cynthia Rothrock, Nicole Bilderback, Gerald Webb, Tim Abell, Tiffany Panhilason | Written by Edward DeRuiter | Directed by Christopher Olen Ray

You remember the 80s and the action films of The Cannon Group? Remember how Stallone tried to bring that era back with The Expendables? Remember all the chatter about the being an “Expenda-belles” movie? And how, even now some 3 films into the franchise, we are nowhere near to seeing the female-centric version come to fruition? Well forget that film. And forget The Expendables. Check out the Mercenaries

The plot is, like it’s big-screen brethren, pretty simple.When the President’s daughter is kidnapped by a man-hating “Amazonian She-Bitch” (to quote the movie) whilst on a tour of a foreign war zone, a team of female mercenaries – all prisoners of the United States government for various severe crimes – is assembled by
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