Chris Carter Has a 99-Episode Plan for The After; Amazon Starting with 8 for Now

Toward the end of March Amazon Studios gave Chris Carter's "The After" a series order, but we didn't know when it would debut or how many episodes it would have in its first season. Well, we still don't quite know the former, but we do have some info on the latter...

So far Amazon has slotted "The X-Files" creator's new project for eight episodes, but if Carter has his way, it'll run for at least 99. As he told reporters during Amazon's summer Television Critics Association press tour session, he based the mystery-focused "The After" on Dante's Inferno.

The Divine Comedy, which is comprised of Inferno plus Purgatorio and Paradiso, has 99 cantos in its story (along with an introduction). "I'm using that as my model," Carter revealed.

Other than "early 2015," Amazon hasn't announced the show's exact release date, but per THR, it's not following the "binge" model of all episodes hitting at once.
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