This Self-Proclaimed "Professional Bridesmaid" Has Had Enough

Picture this: It's your big day. You're wearing a white dress the size of a Fiat. Mom has been on-and-off crying for the past six hours. Your soul mate is just a few awkwardly slow steps down the aisle, but you just can't focus. Aunt Cindy is already drunk and you're almost positive you forgot your "something blue." Don't fret. Jen Glantz, writer of All My Friends Are Engaged, is here to help. As a NYC writer and self-proclaimed professional bridesmaid, she's kindly offering her services on Craigslist. The hysterical Craigslist ad was posted 4 days ago and has already gained internet fame. It reads: "This year alone, i've been a bridesmaid 4 times. That's 4...
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