'Orange Is The New Black' Episode 2.08 Recap: "Appropriately Sized Pots"

Episode 8 begins with Healy (Michael Harney) telling Miss Rosa (Barbara Rosenblat) that the Doc will not cover the surgery she needs; she is forced to continue chemotherapy treatment instead, convincing her she will die soon. This episode concentrates on the bank-robbing, money-loving Rosa. The first flashback is Rosa’s first bank robbery and she is nervous as her boyfriend, Marco (Alfredo De Quesada), hands her a gun that she later finds out is not loaded. The two kiss and Marco tells her they must always kiss before and after a robbery. After they rob the bank with two other guys and hop into the getaway car, the group sees that Marco has been shot and he dies in Rosa’s arms shortly after. Rosa’s love of money increases after every robbery. After robbing another bank, Rosa kisses one of the other men, who has a heart attack and dies shortly after their post-robbery kiss.
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