Rinkel unveils A Real Van Meegeren

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Rudolf van den Berg’s feature stars Tygo Gernandt [pictured] as the notorious art forger Han van Meegeren.

Leading Dutch production outfit Rinkel Film has revealed further details of its new feature about notorious art forger Han van Meegeren.

A Real Van Meegeren, as the project is called, will be directed by Rudolf van den Berg (Tirza, Süskind), who has cowritten the screenplay with Jan Eilander.

It is being produced by Rinkel Film (through Reinier Selen) together with Fu Works (San Fu Maltha) and Cadenza Films (Jeroen Koolbergen). The other partners are, in Luxembourg, Tarantula Luxembourg (Donato Rotunno), and, in Croatia, Nukleus Film Croatia (Sinisa Juricic).

Cineart will release in Benelux.

Van Meegeren is often called “one of the greatest art forgers of the Twentieth Century”. He was renowned for his fake Vermeers and for his forgeries of work by Seventeenth Century Dutch masters.

Among the clients he managed to hoodwink in his shady but illustrious career was leading
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