Maker Studios Adds To Its Properties With Maker Gen And Maker Shop

Seven weeks after unveiling Maker.TV, Maker Labs, and Maker Offers, Maker Studios has rolled out two more appropriately-named services. The top multi-channel network has revealed Maker Gen--a program aimed at creators with smaller audiences--as well as Maker Shop, a re-branded version of its e-commerce store. Maker Gen is a program that will offer audience development, optimization, and collaborative opportunities for 50,000 of Maker Studios 55,000 creative partners. The 5,000 who aren't included are the 9% of Maker partners who have already built up large audiences. Instead, Maker Gen champions the little guys. It will absorb Maker's Rpm network and will extend to creators outside of YouTube. To these participants, it offers a three-tiered model: those in the Elements tier will just be starting out, the Evolve tier will include creators whose channels are starting to group, and the Emerge tier will feature a small number who will be close to outgrowing Maker Gen.
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