Robert Kirkman Discusses The Walking Dead Season 5 and Beyond

Fans of The Walking Dead can still hear the echo of the sliding door slamming on our heroes. We last saw Rick and company stuck in a tight spot in Terminus at the end of Season 4. While Season 5 isn’t expected to return until October, series creator Robert Kirkman is already teasing what viewers can expect in the show’s Season 5 premiere, as well as sharing how long he thinks the show could last. *Season 4 and Season 5 Spoiler Warning*

Kirkman recently called into EW‘s radio station to chat about his new comic book Outcast, and eventually the conversation turned to The Walking Dead‘s upcoming fifth season. Those who have watched the show through Season 4 know that in the aftermath of the Governor’s prison assault, Rick and the surviving members of the group finally reunited… as prisoners in a train car in the community of Terminus. Here’s
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