Girls Und Panzer Complete Ova Series DVD Review

Director: Tsutomu Mizushima

Starring: Ai Kayano, Jessica Calvello, Ikumi Nakagami, Rebekah Stevens, Mai Fuchigami, Meg McDonald, Mami Ozaki, Caitlynn French, Yuka Iguchi, Molly Searcy

Running Time: 72 minutes

Certificate: 12

The girls in tanks return for a bizarre mixture of Ova episodes that may fun, but are completely unnecessary. These episodes range from between 13 minutes down to 3 minutes and although a few connect together for a lengthier story, there’s not too much actually going on.

We start off with some swimsuit shopping, which puts the characters into skimpy clothing and we see the shy ones being bashful and the buxom ones being confident. A drinking game could be played to go along with the sound effects for bouncing boobs here, even though the show tries to keep it as innocent as possible. We’re also treated to a camping episode and a fascination with Spam. Each of these individual moments adds up to a few laughs,
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