House of Dust Recycles a Few Uninspired Ideas: A Movie Review

*full disclosure: a DVD copy of this title was won in a contest from the horror website Director: A.D. Calvo. Writers: Alyssa Alexander, A.D. Calvo, Nevada Grey and Scott Kittredge. Cast: Inbar Lavi, Steven Grayhm, Eddie Hassell, Holland Roden and John Lee Ames. This viewer has seen a number of Argentinian director A.D. Calvo's works. From The Other Side of the Tracks (2008) to the Melancholy Fantastic (2011), this director has had an up and down career, in this critic's opinion. His latest is a haunted asylum thriller, titled House of Dust. Taking a page from Brad Anderson's Session 9 (2001) or the more recent Psych: 9 (2009), several characters find murder in a mental institution. However, this incarnation is nowhere near as interesting as the other two titles mentioned. Instead, House of Dust is a trivial affair and the film is full of filler, in both the story and shooting department.
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