Comic Book Review – Star Trek #34

Villordsutch reviews Star Trek #34….

“Lost Apollo” concludes here! Stranded on an alien world and cut off from the Enterprise, Spock and Bones must work together to save Captain Kirk from a fate worse than death… a fate tied to the earliest days of humanity’s journey to the stars! Overseen by Star Trek writer/producer Roberto Orci, this all-new adventure continues the five-year mission between the new movies!

Those who recall my review of Lost Apollo Part 1 by Mike Johnson will remember that I was rather nonplussed by the whole issue. I was not only left frustrated at the poor writing Mike Johnson was giving us after his rather excellent turn-in of “I, Enterprise”, but the artwork from Joe Corroney was amazingly poor too, with characters seemingly being made from Play-Doh and facial features appearing occasionally askew; the whole issue was upsetting.

One of the biggest bugbears was the little
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