The current state of the big comic book movie universes

Marvel, DC, Spider-Man and X-Men are each having their own cinematic universes - but how are they all doing?


Star Wars is the latest. With two films confirmed, and the plan being for a movie every year from 2015 onwards, Lucasfilm is set to follow the Marvel model and build a sprawling cinematic universe. But then, in the land of comic book movies specifically, there are four competing cinematic universes already in place, each of which is having successes and the odd problem or two.

So let's have a look at the current state of them all, and their plans for the future...

The Marvel Cinematic Universe

2014 has seen the Marvel movie universe in rude health, and also a potential crack or two beginning to show around the edges. That said, there's little doubt that Marvel is the template that everyone else - including Star Wars - is aiming to replicate.
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