Watch A Young Sidney Poitier And Diahann Carroll Fall In Love In 'Paris Blues'

My post about Diahann Carroll's enchanting cameo in the 1961 film. Goodbye Again (Here), got me thinking about that other black and white film shot in Paris, that she was in that same year, Paris Blues. Directed by Martin Ritt, a great American director who I still think is terribly underrated (Hud, The Molly Maguires, Norma Rae, Sounder), the film is admittedly rather thin, plot-wise. More of a souffle than a full course meal. But it's made with real style, and has a wonderful vibrant feel to it, likely in large credit to a great score by Duke Ellington. And besides, what city in the world looks more beautiful in black and white than Paris? The film revolves around two...
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