Michel Hazanavicius in Cannes: 'The Un was created for peace but fails'

Promoting new movie set during the Chechen war, The Search director expresses scepticism at the efficacy of peace-keeping bodies and explains how the success of The Artist enabled him to make a movie he felt was necessary

 Peter Bradshaw's review of The Search

When your last film came from nowhere, cost peanuts, seduced critics, made a mint and won five Oscars (including best film), you can write your own cheque for the next one. What Michel Hazanvicius, whose 2011 black-and-white silent comedy The Artist is the most awarded in French history, chose to spend it on was an earnest anti-war epic about the trauma of modern conflict and the impotence of the liberal west.

"It felt the right thing to do," he said, following the film's first screening in Cannes, where it earned notices markedly less enthusiastic than those dished out to The Artist on its premiere here three years ago.
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