Von Trier producer plans Viking epic

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Von Trier producer plans Viking epic
Exclusive: Maverick Danish producer Peter Aalbaek Jensen has announced details of his new $15m Viking movie The Long Ships – and that long-term collaborator Lars von Trier is planning an action movie.

Speaking at the Film i Vast reception in Cannes, Jensen said The Long Ships (Rode Orm) – directed by Hans Petter Moland (In Order of Disappearance) and scripted by Tobias Lindholm (The Hunt) – will star Stellan Skarsgaard and assorted members of the actor’s family.

“[Stellan] can bring one or two sons, depending on what we need in the story,” said Jensen.

The film will shoot in 2016 in Danish, Swedish and other Scandinavian languages. Zentropa is co-producing with Nordisk.

The Long Ships will be made as “one or two” feature films and as a four-part TV series.

Jensen, who will produce, said: “I haven’t seen a good Viking film in my life. The atmosphere of our story is very much Pirates of the Caribbean goes Viking.”

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