Princess Mononoke Blu-ray Review

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Starring: Yoji Matsuda, Billy Crudup, Yuriko Ishida, Claire Danes, Yuko Tanaka, Minnie Driver, Kaoru Kobayashi, Billy bob Thronton, Akihiko Miwa, Gillian Anderson

Running Time: 133 minutes

Certificate: PG

I still remember first hearing about this film. Back then it sounded like some kind of strange myth, which Miramax had bought the rights to and refused to release. Many rumours spread as to why, with the main one suggesting that Miramax’s parent company Disney, didn’t want an Asian set animated film to overshadow (and completely trounce in terms of quality) their effort at adapting the story of Mulan. When it was finally released into cinemas, it only got a limited release, again surrounded by rumours that Miramax were annoyed that director Miyazaki had stuck to his guns and refused them the right to edit any of the footage. All that seems so long ago now that Miyazaki
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