Things Are Just Better With "Andy Griffith"

I'm mighty glad how things worked out.

Things always seem to work out at the end of the day in Mayberry. Along with Andy Taylor's (Andy Griffith) uncanny ability to manage his son Opie (Ron Howard) and his officious deputy Barney (Don Knotts), the clean, moral endings are what makes The Andy Griffith Show (1960-68) what it is. Can you even read the name of this show without whistling? I Love Lucy is perhaps the only theme tune that comes close to being as instantly recognizable as Earle Hagen and Herbert W. Spencer's opening whistle. The first thing about this new Blu-Ray edition of season one of The Andy Griffith Show is that it seemed to spring out, fully formed with its first episode as strong as all the others. And it is a strong show, simple and warm-hearted. Of all the old 'classics' I've revisited in reviews like this,
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