Review: Yeh Hai Bakrapur

Review: Yeh Hai Bakrapur
A central metaphorical symbol, a socio-political commentary, an independent rock band and a National award-winning director. These elements of Yeh Hai Bakrapur make for fantastic shades individually. Unfortunately, once weaved into the narrative design of cinema, the celluloid mosaic loses its aesthetic appeal and entertaining lustre.

A well-stroked hue of this silver screen sojourn lies in its cinematographer (Abinandhan Ramanujam) who awards a point of view to key moments in the motion picture. The first market scene that has sharp focus on the goat (the protagonist) while the human characters are out of focus, reiterates the sentiment of the title. Reversing the light-illuminating-darkness convention, Ramanujam hides his camera within the dingy, narrow folds of dark, narrow holes.

It seems irrational that while the audience unpacks the movie, it is left locating the absurd in logical character motivations and plot progression

There is a shot taken from inside a half closed
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