‘God’s Pocket’ Review: See it for Philip Seymour Hoffman

In one sense, it hurts to consider God’s Pocket in the wake of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s tragic death. The movie offers another sobering reminder of the enormous talent we lost in February, starkly portraying Hoffman’s unparalleled gift for empathizing with everyman characters and their problems. At the same time, this can be a cathartic experience, a chance to continue reclaiming Hoffman’s story from the sordid headlines that accompanied his death while appreciating a master at work for one of the final times. That’s a welcome opportunity, and it makes the picture worth watching despite some significant flaws and the fact that it’s hardly Hoffman’s best. The feature filmmaking debut of Mad Men actor John Slattery, God’s Pocket represents a welcome return to the sort of neighborhood-driven realism mastered by John Cassavetes, Martin Scorsese and other luminaries. It has a big, talented cast headlined by Hoffman and a strong sense
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