Reg E. Cathey is Sue & Johnny Storm's Dad in 'Fantastic Four' Reboot

Ever since Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara were cast as the superhero brother and sister of Johnny and Sue Storm (aka The Human Torch and The Invisible Woman) alongside Jamie Bell as The Thing and Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic., we've known that the family dynamic in Fantastic Four was going to be a little different than what we've seen before. Now we know who the father of these two siblings will be as THR reports Reg E. Cathey, best known for starring in the HBO series "The Wire," will be playing Dr. Storm, a scientist and father to Johnny and Sue. That likely means Kate Mara will be an adopted sister or a step-sister since genetics and her appearance makes it unlikely she's an actual blood relative of Dr. Storm. There's been some senseless dissension about having Sue and Johnny Storm each be a different race, mostly because
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