World Without End: Rate the Top 10 Kings, Castles & Cathedrals Movies

Europe during the Middle Ages was a place of contrasts, where serfdom squalor festered in the shadow of royal splendor, an era of death and deterioration that somehow managed to produce magnificent castles and glorious cathedrals. Centuries later, we are still enthralled by the bravery of chivalrous knights and the majesty of the regal rulers who conquered, divided and united empires through blood, sex and marriage.

This Easter weekend, lose yourself in the romance and intrigue of the Middle Ages as we present the entire epic mini-series World Without End in an eight-hour television event. Adapted from bestselling author Ken Follett's follow-up to The Pillars of the Earth, the award-winning World Without End mini-series is set in the war-torn and plague-ridden 14th-century, in the fictional town of Kingsbridge, which finds itself struggling against both Crown and Church. Cynthia Nixon (Sex and the City), Miranda Richardson (Young Victoria), Charlotte Riley
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