Delve into the Darkness of A.D. Calvo's House of Dust with this DVD Trailer

Every horror fan knows that mayhem awaits in the bowels of every abandoned asylum. Still, A.D. Calvo (Other Side of the Tracks) has set his latest film, House of Dust, in just such a haunted location. House of Dust will be released by Anchor Bay Films and an official DVD trailer is now available for the film. As well, the film stars Inbar Lavi (Underemployed), Steven Grayhm (Journey to the Center of the World), Eddie Hassell, Holland Roden, John Lee Ames, Alesandra Assante, Joy Lauren, Nicole Travolta and Stephen Spinella (“24”). The trailer looms below. More college students are ripe for the slaughter. Several friends from Camden College set out for the Redding House Asylum (bad choice). Formerly, a place of torture, this asylum houses the ghosts of former mental patients and these wraiths possess the overly curious. One of the ghosts is a former serial killer; and soon, the killing
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