Starz Tackles Tricky Idea With ‘The Chair’

Not only is the idea behind Starz new effort, The Chair, one that makes for a rough road as a show, it’s one that has only a theoretical draw insofar as gaining an audience, and who the target demographic might be. The show will follow two hopeful directors as they each make their own version of a film based on the same script.

Zachary Quinto, and several others, will serve as mentors during the process, which will provide some draw, but as these directors take us through the process of creating a coming-of-age film, does anyone actually want to be a part of that? Sure, the idea sounds good, but it’s hard to tell what the show really looks like, and whether or not watching the behind-the-scenes effort of… who knows what, is really going to draw a crowd.

I guess we’ll find out.

One Screenplay. Two Films.
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