Scarlett Johansson Is A Super-Powered Drug Mule In First Lucy Trailer

How great is it that we live in an age where the adorable young girl from Ghost World and The Horse Whisperer has matured into this confident, credible ass-beater? It didn.t happen overnight. Scarlett Johansson has been taking names for years now. But gotten to the point where seeing her doing her best Jason Bourne impersonation in a Luc Besson thriller isn.t shocking. It.s invigorating. The above trailer, shared via The Playlist, is for Besson.s upcoming Lucy, a hard-hitting thriller that carries this amazing logline: A drug mule accidentally swallows her cargo and finds she now has superpowers." Uh, yeah. Sign me up for that movie. Especially since, after detours into more serious genre fare with The Family and The Lady, Lucy looks like a return to action for Besson to his days filming features like La Femme Nikita and Leon: The Professional. And
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