LatinoBuzz Takes Five with Gina Rodriguez, Host of NUVOtv’s “Nu Point of View”

With Jenny from the block and her Nuyorican Productions outfit taking over the reins at NUVOtv (formerly Si TV) with a keen interest in the production and the creative direction of the English language show aimed at Latinos. NUVOtv recognized the neglect in support that the beyond bonkers, burgeoning American Latino film scene was experiencing, especially given the voids left behind recently by a few Latino film festivals.

This was an urgent cause for them. So in response, NUVOtv launched “Nu Point of View", a show to discover and showcase emerging talento. Judged by wonder woman Frida Torresblanco (Pan’s Labyrinth), Filly Brown filmmaker Michael D. Olmos and the incomparable Gregory Nava (basically every dope Latino film from the last 30 years). To present the show, Nuvo’ naturally went for the much hyped about Gina Rodriguez, a chi-town chica who after a stint in New York’s Nyu took her talents to La and has seen her smile grow wider with every new opportunity. After becoming the darling of Sundance with Olmos’ Filly Brown, she quickly followed up with a few TV spots and the indie Sleeping with the Fishes, she recently landed the lead in CW’s Jane the Virgin. This presenting gig with the NUVOtv family couldn’t be a more suited role for her.

LatinoBuzz: How did you feel when NUVOtv approached you with this idea and what did you feel you could bring to the table for these filmmakers?

Gina: When I sat down with NUVOtv and they told me about their idea for a televised film festival I was thrilled. Their ability to expose Latino talent to the world is a gift to our community so I was all in. I was discovered because of a Latino indie film. I was exposed to my dreams because someone took a risk on me and participating in a project that does just that, is where my heart feels the most joy (outside of acting :)). I believe I can be a contribution by being a living example of what we want to promote – responsible artists who have the desire to contribute positively to the image of Latinos in Hollywood.

LatinoBuzz: What do you hope Latino filmmakers get out of this show?

Gina: I hope that the show encourages quality art and the drive to create our own stories. And I'm not referring to "Latino" stories I'm referring to "our" stories, our human stories told from a new perspective. This festival inspires the American Latino, who has a dual identity, the chance to express that in an outlet that can reach millions. Once Latinos understand the power and resource of this outlet we will strive to put out our best work to take positive advantage of this amazing opportunity.

LatinoBuzz: Meeting all these superdope indie Latinos, does it ever make you lean towards being behind the camera at all?

Gina: My ambition is to motivate, inspire, encourage and embody my dreams and the dreams of others. I want to do that in all realms of the entertainment industry, whether that be productions of my own with my company ‘I Can and I Will Productions’, or discovering new talents that I can share my resources with. I will fight to continue to bring equality in opportunities to all races that are in need, including my fellow superdope Latino artists!

LatinoBuzz: Was there any particular story about a filmmaker’s hustle you loved most?

Gina: I have been drawn to all the stories of these incredibly talented filmmakers. I can say I was particularly drawn to Steven Krimmel, creator of the short film ‘Disconnection’. He’s half Latino and still struggles to connect to two cultures and be accepted in both, yet his art is from the voice of a human and that is how he connects. Oddly enough in his film ‘Disconnection’, all I could do was relate and I thought that was pretty badass.

For more info on screening times and submission requirements or how you can be the next Latino filmmaker showcased on “Nu Point Of View” visit: Here

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