Bad Words – The Review

It was only three months ago that Hollywood gave us a comedic spin on over-the-hill heroes striving to recapture the glory days of their youth. Boxing movie icons Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro pulled out the gloves and trunks from the back of the closet and jumped back in the ring for a Grudge Match. Too bad the referees (or studio execs) didn’t throw in the towel and put a stop to the dismal bout. Well here’s another fella’ going for a second chance at a prize usually taken by those several decades younger. But this guy is not a boxer or a ball player like Roy Hobbs, The Natural. It’s not an athletic event at all. And our hero is still many years from his Aarp card. Forty-something Guy Trilby is determined to finally get the big prize at the Golden Quill National Spelling Bee
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