Sean Bean’s Macbeth ‘Enemy Of Man’ Gains Momentum With Kickstarter Campaign

A new Shakespearean adaptation featuring Sheffield’s finest, Sean Bean, is edging closer to becoming a reality. Vincent Regan is hoping to direct Bean as the bloody tragic hero, Macbeth, in a feature length project – and he’s well on his way with nearly half the funds pledged on Kickstarter (well, almost). The campaign currently has 907 backers who’ve pledged $93,532 of the $250,000 goal.

Regan is no stranger to battle epics, having appeared in Troy, 300 and Clash Of The Titans, however this will be his first stint behind the movie camera. He explains he was drawn to Macbeth as the story of the golden boy (with a vicious streak) who succumbs to prophecy, power and darkness, still has resonance today

Enemy Of Man will see an action heavy and quick paced interpretation of the tragedy, with the dialogue edited and stripped back.

It traverses a bleak, frozen landscape of shattered castles and pillaged towns,
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