'The Vampire Diaries' first look clip: Watch Damon's unique request (and threat) to Jeremy and Matt

Just because Damon's still chained up in the basement of the Salvatore mansion, that doesn't mean his snark and threats lose their weight. But Jeremy and Matt don't seem to fear the ripper vampire anymore on "The Vampire Diaries."

Zap2it has an exclusive clip from Thursday's (March 20) episode, "While You Were Sleeping," and Matt and Jeremy have a little fun taunting Damon with his hourly fix of vampire blood and the knowledge that Damon killed Elena's friend Aaron ... something Elena hasn't found out yet. Damon wants to be the first one to tell her what he did while she was being possessed by Katherine, but Matt and Jeremy want to get revenge on Damon for his recent evil ways. Will his threat scare them into keeping quiet, or will they ruin any chance for Damon to be forgiven by Elena?

It's never a good idea to tease a starving vampire,
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