White Pig Brings a Massacre into the Light with this Trailer

Director David Noel Bourke (No Right Turn), Angel Films and Lep Studios are collaborating on a crime thriller titled White Pig. This film is loosely based on the Anders Breivik massacre in Norway. Taking on xenophobia, the film pits a paranoid criminal against a resolute detective, in Copenhagen, Norway. And now, a trailer is available for this feature. To delve more into the story, Jens is a man who fears immigrants. He turns to murder when he can no longer control his anger and bloodlust. The police officer, Mia, is tasked with bringing this man to justice, but Mia must travel down dark alleyways and into dangerous locales to even find Jens. Both characters will confront each other on the streets and only one will live to tell their story. White Pig is currently in the pre-production stages. The film will seek further financing as it moves into post-production, with a release date forthcoming.
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