WWE: 10 Best European Champions In History

After being established in 1997 as the WWE’s tertiary championship, the European title had a mostly inglorious history, bouncing around from superstar to superstar, without a significant amount of build or fanfare. The title was famously held by the son of WWE owner Vince McMahon, and was even awarded to one performer after he found it discarded in a duffel bag. Other WWE superstars who went on to accomplish very little during their careers had stints as champs – Spike Dudley, Crash Holly and The Hurricane, to name a few – which helped devalue the strap’s significance further within the company.

And yet there’s an underrated prestige associated with the European Championship. A number of future WWE Hall-of-Famers have held the championship. A handful of superstars held both the European and Intercontinental Championships – dubbing themselves “Eurocontinental Champions.” Some performers even used the title as a stepping-stone to bigger and better things in the WWE,
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