The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: The Aftermath

  • Vulture
I missed you guys so much last week — I think living in a city whose team won the Super Bowl when you don’t care about football is extra-torturous, but the whole event also pre-empted this show, so I had to sit with the anxiety of this fight for two weeks. Unacceptable! This week we finish the fight, start a new one, and recover from the fight. It’s basically all about the fight, and then Kandi auditioned people for her musical, which I cannot believe is actually called A Mother’s Love. My brain is a hive of Mad Libs when it comes to Mama Joyce — boozy, crazed, unhinged, and possessed — but love is not the first descriptor that comes to mind.Speaking of possessed, we’re still in this hotel room, and everyone has swapped souls with Vigo the Carpathian. I’m not going to rehash the entire thing,
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