Nurse 3D Review

Everything about Nurse 3D screams genuinely bonkers genre work, from Paz De La Huerta’s sensual modeling on the theatrical poster to the blood-soaked production stills released months ago, but absolutely nothing prepared me for Douglas Aarniokoski’s fun-filled look into the murderous life of a medical professional. Jam packed with limitless debauchery, gratuitous Tna, wacky narration, and splattery slayings showcasing enough blood to fill ten donor banks, not once are we given a movie that takes itself too seriously, and not once is there a lull in Paz De La Huerta’s consistently entertaining portrayal of a sultry psychopath apparently protesting panties. Nurse 3D succeeds as an erotic exploitation flick about cheating bastards and endearing character work – but it’s the explosive genre insanity that keeps our eyes glued to the screen.

Meet Abby (Paz De La Huerta) – a successful nurse whose nightly activities include seducing married men and
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