Exclusive: Leprechaun's Mark Jones Looking to Make Vamprechaun with Warwick Davis!

During his appearance on Dread Central Live, Leprechaun franchise creator Mark Jones (Scorned) talked a bit about his next horror project, which is looking to take a bite out of everyone's Saint Patrick's Day! Read on!

"I actually have a new horror franchise that I came up with, and it actually may involve Warwick Davis," Jones tells co-hosts Staci Layne Wilson and Vanessa "Gore Whore" Gomez during the broadcast. "In it a vampire bites a Leprechaun, creating a Vamprechaun."

"So now you have this little vampire, completely different character, completely different prosthetics design... Being that he's little, he'll be biting your ankles instead of your neck because he can't reach it, and he gets all these women... It will be comedy-horror of course, and we're in talks now trying to put that together. I think it will be the next big franchise, and I think Warwick's fans would love it
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