Guardian Film Awards: longlist focus - best scene

A week or so ago, we launched the inaugural Guardian Film Awards. Now, we're taking a closer look at the longlist in each category. Today: best scene

A movie in microcosm. A watercooler fave. A possibly-dodgy YouTube rip. An endlessly emailed link. What are the moments that stick with you from this season's contenders? And which great sequences are missing from our longlist?

Alan Partridge lip-synching to Roachford in the car in Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

Simple pleasures here: just a man silently singing along to an 80s classic. But what a man, and what a lip-synch. This acts as a lovely re-introduction to the character - faintly more funky yet still the old Alan ("Your fog lamps are on") - as well as a stirring start to a feelgood movie.

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The opening scene of Gravity

This, surely, is how Alfonso Cuaron always
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