Roundtable Interview With Vanessa Hudgens On Gimme Shelter

She became a star thanks to the High School Musical series and then went onto break out of the Disney mold by taking on more serious roles in films like The Frozen Ground and Spring Breakers. However, nothing will prepare you for how far Vanessa Hudgens goes to portray Apple Bailey in Gimme Shelter.

Written and directed by Ronald Krauss, the film follows Apple as she escapes from her abusive mother June (Rosario Dawson) and searches for her father, Tom Fitzpatrick (Brendan Fraser), who is now a Wall Street banker with a family of his own. But when April discovers she is pregnant, she ends up running away from Tom and later finds a place to stay at a shelter for pregnant young women.

Hudgens completely disappears into this role to the point where you can’t even recognize her at all. She gained 15 pounds, cut off most of her hair,
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