'Harry Potter' Director Mike Newell Witnesses 'The Day of the Triffids'

Way back in 2010, we learned that Mandate Pictures (The Strangers, Drag Me to Hell) won a bidding war for a new version of The Day of the Triffids that includes rights to the original novel, which was adapted into the 1962 sci-fi horror Invasion of the Triffids. Sam Raimi was going to direct, but it appears the project has fallen away from the filmmaker, and now Deadline reports Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Donnie Brasco director Mike Newell is taking on the project that still has a script from Neil Cross, and is still being produced by Raimi's Ghost House Pictures. The story sounds more than a little weird. Read on! The project sounded perfect for a genre filmmaker like Raimi as the story sees 99% of the human population stricken blind  after a shower of meteorites lights up the sky, and creates such a gorgeous sight that most people can't help but look.
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