'Brooklyn Nine-Nine': 'The Ebony Falcon' Terry is back after he puts his babies to bed

I've been thinking a lot about "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and tonight's episode solidified none of my musings. No more #Peraltiago references (I didn't make that up. It's a real thing) or #Boyliaz (that I did make up, but I doubt will catch on.) As such, we're reminded this is a comedy, not  a romance. 

Jake (Andy Samberg) and Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio, who just keeps getting better) are tracking a black market ring, centered at a gym with gigantic ex-con Brandon as the leader. And with gym rat Terry "The Ebony Falcon" (Terry Crews) back in the field, they use his brawn as the "gymfiltrator."

However, after seeing Terry putting his twins (Cagney and Lacey) to bed, they get a little freaked out that something may actually end up happening to him in the field. But Terry wants it. All seemingly goes well until Terry slips up with a simple lie to the ex-con Brandon,
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