Sundance Review: Wish I Was Here

By Terence Johnson

Managing Editor

There is such a thing as putting too much of one’s self into something. Wish I Was Here, the new Zach Braff film that was partially funded by Kickstarter, is sort of the kind of film you’d expect from him. Unfortunately, the movie does nothing truly innovative and a moving second half can’t save a film that’s all over the place.

Wish I Was Here is a film about the Bloom family. Aiden (Zach Braff) is a 30 something father of two who is chasing after his dream of being an actor. It’s not working out well for him however (he’s months out of his last gig, a dandruff commercial) and this is putting a strain on his family. His wife (Kate Hudson) is working a dead-end job with a creepy coworker, his two children are defiant, and his father
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