Special Features - How Shows Like Sherlock Make Death Irrelevant

Luke Owen looks at last night's Sherlock and how it's making death irrelevant....

Last night's Sherlock (and indeed, the whole of series 3) certainly divided its audience. While some felt the show was packed with high drama, twists and turns, others simply wanted to see Sherlock and Watson solve some crimes and felt cheated by the Mind Palace. However the biggest point of contention from many was the final reveal that Moriarty (the Joker to Sherlock's Batman) is alive and well. Yep, just like Holmes, Moriarty is back from the dead.

No doubt there will be a #MissMe campaign for series four.

For those not in the know, at the end of series 2 of Sherlock both Holmes and Moriarty died which led to the central gimmick of series 3 being how Sherlock faked his death. Of course there was little doubt coming out of The Reichenbach Fall that Sherlock was actually "brown
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