"All The Boys" Finally Get To See "Mandy Lane"

Seven years after being completed (seven years after dealing with distribution drama), All the Boys Love Mandy Lane has reached the United States. This film was Jonathan Levine’s (50/50, Warm Bodies) first, and was born out of a film school thesis project from screenwriter Jacob Forman. Not even one-third of the way into the film, this is eminently apparent; yet that doesn’t distract from what the film has to offer (especially if you went to film school).

As the title suggests, all the boys in high school (and even the odd cowboy/ex-soldier) love Mandy Lane (Amber Heard). Their adoration is seemingly new, since most of the boys already have a girl on their arm; but Mandy doesn’t seem to mind the attention. She’s been comfortable with her b-list life with best friend Emmett (Michael Welch). But that doesn’t stop her from dragging her quiet, insecure
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