Nerdist’s New Math Web Series Has Lots Of Pi (And Guest Stars)

Actress Danica McKellar is best known for her role in The Wonder Years, but she's also a big time math nerd who has written several books advocating for her favorite subject. Her latest attempt to make numbers fun is Math Bites, a Nerdist web series with lots of educational value and a nonstop slew of guest stars. Math Bites is clearly intended for a younger audience, and while that definitely puts it at odds with some of the channel's other shows, it is lined up to scored lots of views if parents and educators learn it exists. McKellar and Nerdist are clearly taking the Muppets approach to children's entertainment: There's a light and easy tone to appease the kids, and tons of cameos to appease everyone else. The first episode discusses everyone's favorite irrational number (unless you're a big phi fan), pi. The guest appearances are numerous; there's Jim O'Heir
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