Finalists Announced for the 2014 Independent Games Festival, Plenty of Indie Games That I Now Need to Play

Every year, the Independent Games Festival gathers hundreds of indie games to play, judge, and recognize. Not only are they providing gamers the invaluable service of finding the hidden masterpieces that are released every year, but they also bring awareness to the gems that deserve to be played.

This year the over 650 entrants were distributed to 375 judges to be evaluated for each category like Excellence in Visual Art, Narrative, or Design. 650 is far more entries than they have had in years past, showing the obvious growth of the “indie gaming market” in recent years.

The winners will be announced on March 19th at the Game Developers Conference 2014, where the winners of each category will receive prize moneys (up to $30k for the grand prize), an immense amount of recognition, and even a deal with Valve for Steam distribution (if they wish). The Steam distribution deal may end up being the
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