Bizarre news stories to ease you back into work

If you missed the one about Kate Winslet calling her baby 'Bear', or Alex Ferguson as the bad guy in Sherlock Holmes, read on …

There's no phrase for it, so let's call it "nightmarish return to reality Monday". The first full week of work of 2014 is upon us, and it's a pain. On the plus side, this year's festive period has given us some cracking workplace conversation starters …

Piers Morgan was pelted with a cricket ball and injured in Melbourne while hundreds of people laughed and cheered. After Morgan questioned the courage of English batsmen at the Ashes, former Australia fast bowler Brett Lee challenged him to stand in for an over. Morgan, to his credit, obliged. And, in front of an unsympathetic crowd, the CNN presenter, with crumbling bravado, took several balls to his body, and broke a rib.

Kate Winslet had a baby and named it "Bear". To be fair,
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